Common Minimum Programme for Qualitative Improvement of the Primary Education in

K.V. khariar

The CMP has come like a breath of fresh air to K.V Khariar. It has given a sense of direction to teachers the as well as the school administration. The primary section of the school has become the focus of all the attention to be it in the utilization of funds, developing of infrastructure, or creating resources for the school. The agenda points of the month end staff meetings give more weightage to the implementation of C.M.P. It seems that all the roads lead to one destination and that is C.M.P. Name of the activities Objective
01 class room library
  • Class Libraries are managed effectively by purchasing useful books to nurture the talents and creativity of the primary children.
  • Reading cards  have been made available in all the class libraries. Block periods for the library have been arranged in the time-table. The transparent shelves are available for keeping the books has been made.
  • Block periods for Class libraries have also been made available in the time table for the proper utilization of the library books.
02 film Shows
  • Good film shows on various motivating topics to develop the thinking and imaginative skills in every fort nightly.
  • Shown regularly class-wise and  maintaining records in the activity room.
  • The film shows and the power point presentations of the lessons by the teachers are making the teaching very interesting and motivating for the children that they come forward with their own ideas.
  • Moral based value animated movies are download from internet and shown to the children like "three little pig and bad wolf", panchtantra ki kahaniyan.
03 CCA Activities
  • To organise CCA activities  for children to develop competitive spirit among the Vidyalayas as well as children
  • Providing a platform to show their hidden talent through different activities are conducted in every saturday.
04 community lunch
  • Community Lunch to be held on
  • To develop and promote an attitude of sharing and caring, community lunch were organized by almost all the class teachers. The Variety of food brought by the children was so large that they had hard time to decide what to choose and what to miss
05 Activity based teaching
  • Teachers teaching the same subject in different sections have been advised to interact with each other and prepare common T.L.M. by sharing ideas and different responsibilities.
  • Demonstration lessons are being given by all the teachers.
  • Monthly contingent fund is being draw and utilized or generating T.L.M. A4 size papers for worksheets, chart papers, sketch pends, marker pens for making teaching aids, color paper, crepe paper, drawing pins for decorating the display boards, were purchased and given to all the teachers.
06 Health Check up
  • Health Check up of all the students,  from class I- x will be done in the month of August 18 and January 19.
07 TLM generated/procured
  • A lot of TLM was generated and procured by the teachers .A sum of Rs.1000 was spent every month for purchasing A4 size papers for worksheets and chart papers, sketch pens, marker pens for making teaching aids.
08 Teachers workshop
  • Teachers workshop for 1 hour at school level for effective teaching and inspired learning on last working day of every month.
09 Publication of News letter
  • showcase of multifarious activities organized to explore the talent s and provides opportunities for all learners to learn about themselves and build their creative capabilities.
  • This leads to an all round development of personalities where the talents of students are not ignored but developed to turn into a confident and productive human beings .
10 Regular observation of class room teaching
  • The lessons of all the Primary Teachers were observed by the Principal and the feedback and suggestions were given so as to make the required improvement in their methods of teaching.