Admission Schedule for 2018-19

1 Advertisement for Admission Last Week Of February

Online Registration for Class-1

01-03-2018 From 8.00 A.M
3 Last date of Registration for Class-1 19-03-2018 Till 4.00 P.M
4 Declaration of selected list for class I & admission for Class-I

1st List 26-03-2018

2nd List 09-04-2018

3rd List 23-04-2018

5 Extended date for Second Notification Admissions to be made under RTE Provisions(Class I), if sufficient applications not received under RTE Provisions. 30-03-2018 to 06-04-2018
6 In Case sufficient number of registrations for SC/ST not received in 1st Phase, second notification may be issued. 30-03-2018 to 06-04-2018
7 Registration for Class-II onwards (except Class XI) - Subjects to availability of Vacancies in a particular class. 02-04-2018 From 8.00 A.M to 09-04-2018 Till 4.00 P.M
8 Declaration of list of Class II onwards. 12-04-2018
9 Admission for Class II onwards. 12-04-2018 to 20-04-2018
10 Last date for admission except Class XI 30-04-2018
11 Registration for Class XI

within 10 days after declaration of Board results.

12 Display of list & admission for class-XI

within 20 days after declaration of Board results.

13 Last date of Admission for Class XI 30-06-2018